Game Final Project Presentations

Three student groups from Three Way Tie Studios presented the end results of months of designing, coding, hard work, problem-solving, and precision at the Game Project Final Presentations this month. Students, faculty, and family members gather in the Full Sail Live Venue to check out what the students had to offer on the day before their graduation from Full Sail.

Schlep’s Labyrinth is a sci-fi puzzle game that finds the game’s hero thrown into the ruins of a crashed space ship. By collecting Batter-Bees (electronic insects that help power objects in the world that help to complete each puzzle), players can help Schlep steer clear of the impending alien threats and lead him to safety.

Operation B.L.A.S.T.
is a side-scrolling shoot ’em up title that lets players take on the roles of Barron and Claire, as they shoot their way through an endless army of robots and attempt to beat each other’s scores for most kills. Players can utilize weapons with alternate firing modes and unleash devastating ultimate attacks to wreck more bots than their opponent.

Lost Temple of Enkiis a side-scrolling puzzle-platformer that focuses on solving environmental puzzles and platforming through environmental hazards. Players control Virgil, who uses an electric whip to swing over gaps and a gravity glove to slide down walls. As Virgil avoids a slew of traps that include lava pools, spring-loaded spears, swinging logs, blow darts, and crumbling bridges, he gets closer to reaching the artifact at the end of the ancient underground temple.

The Game Project Final Project Presentations require Game Development students to come together as a team and pitch an idea for a complete game. One the idea gets approved, they team with Game Art and Recording Arts students to develop the project to its completion and present it before an audience of faculty, guests, and students.