Game Development Grad Rusty Sempscrott Returns to Full Sail

Full Sail recently welcomed 2006 Game Development grad Rusty Sempscrott back to campus to speak with students about his career path in the gaming industry.

Upon graduating, Rusty got his foot in the door at Midway Studios, where he worked on Blacksite: Area 51. During his time there, he was promoted to Lead Technical Designer, a position that allowed him to lend his skills to multiple projects. He also worked on the upcoming DC Universe Online at Sony Online Entertainment before moving to Volition to work as their Technical Design Director. Volition is the studio behind titles such as Red Faction: ArmageddonThe Punisher, and Freespace.

Rusty spoke to students about his experiences working for four years in the industry, and answered questions from the audience during his lecture in the Entertainment Business Auditorium. While on campus, he also attended this month’s Game Final Project Presentations and offered his advice to students who are on the verge of graduating.