Game Development Grad Josh Hamrick Talks About His Experience Working at Game Studio Bungie

Perhaps you’ve heard of Halo? That was definitely the case for everyone inside the Entertainment Business Auditorium when Full Sail Game Development grad Josh Hamrick recently returned to campus to speak to students about his experience working in the game industry since graduating in 2006.

Josh works at Bellevue, Washington-based game studio Bungie as a sandbox developer, and recently worked on one of their latest titles, Halo: Reach. During his return to Full Sail, Josh spoke to students about what it’s like working in the game industry, and offered his insight about finding a job after graduation.

Josh also participated in a Halo: Reach LAN Party while he was here, playing the game with students in the EB Auditorium (though isn’t it a little bit of an unfair advantage to play against someone who helped create the game?).