Game Development Grad Ashley Bennett Speaks with Students About Electronic Arts’ Global Online Studios


2006 Game Development graduate Ashley Bennett recently stopped by Full Sail to speak with students about his work as a Field Engineer at Electronic Arts Global Online Studios. The facility is located in Ashley’s native England, where he and his team are responsible for producing online content for the company’s huge roster of franchises, including Battefield, Crysis, and Need for Speed.

“Our group works on pretty much every game EA produces that has any kind of online component,” he said.

Ashley has been with the company for over five years, and in that time has seen online game content continue to take an even greater role in the industry. For his team, this has included creating new innovations in sports rankings, downloadable map packs, social media updates, and head-to-head play.

“It’s really become about integrating the games more with people’s lives,” he said. “For gamers it gives them more reasons to be interactive with our product.”

After wrapping his presentation Ashley opened the floor to questions, and students took the opportunity to throw out a range of inquiries about the job market. A number asked directly what a company like Electronic Arts looks for when hiring recent college graduates.

“Studios just want to know if you can actually do the work, and yes you can,” he said. “I’ve been where you are and I know. Full Sail teaches you what you need to do this stuff.”