Full Sail’s First Film Production and Mobile Gaming Classes Graduate

This September saw the first graduating classes from two recent additions to our master’s programs – the campus Film Production master of fine arts degree and online Mobile Gaming master of science degree. Both programs launched in the summer of 2013, providing graduate-level education that covers advanced concepts in film development and distribution, and mobile software creation and publishing.

Claude Wild represented the Mobile Gaming program as its first alum, and entered the program already working as an independent mobile developer. Following graduation he’ll be working on completing his upcoming combat strategy title Gladiator: Rise of Legends. “I wanted to learn the business and psychology behind mobile so I can make my games right,” he said. “A lot of my instructors even asked to be part of the beta testing for my next game when it’s ready.”


The Film Production class graduated the same week and featured a class of seven – Roland Althouris, David Daudin, Thomas Griscom, Alfredo Lara Orbezo Lira, Damon Rivera, Zachary Simon, and Tyler Suggs. The group split in half to write, shoot, and edit two separate films, Taste of Heaven and Sundown, and following their graduation ceremony there was a private screening held in the campus Dubbing Stage for family and friends.

Speaking about this class, Film Production program director Maylen Dominguez said, “It was incredibly exciting and I was so proud of the work they did. It was such a satisfying payoff seeing how much they each developed into the filmmakers that they wanted to be. I was also really happy with the movies, and I’m looking forward to having them get submitted to festivals and seeing how they do in competition.”






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