Full Sail Students Win World Vision Rebranding Contest

Humanitarian nonprofit organization World Vision recently selected two Full Sail students as the winners of an exclusive website redesign contest. Parker Young (Digital Arts & Design) and Stephen Rivas (Web Design & Development) provided several pages of comps of a redesigned, slicker version of World Vision’s international website, with an updated logo, colors, headers, footers, sidebars, dropdown boxes, and images.

“World Vision is always looking for new and creative ways to tell the story of global poverty and injustice. We approached Full Sail because of the brilliant creative work we saw being produced by Full Sail students,” said Brian Peterson, Director of Shared Communications Services for World Vision International. “[Parker and Ryan] far exceeded our expectations with a creative package that included suggestions and designs for campaigns, social media alliances, and even some adjustments to our visual brand.”

The students also pitched an entirely original campaign called the “Hope Campaign,” illustrated by a text-based image of a hand with crossed fingers that is  comprised by the word “hope,” translated in 96 world languages.

They also recommended that World Vision develop an interactive mobile app and partner with social games such as Farmville to further engage donors and connect them to the organization. Parker and Stephen were awarded a $4,500 scholarship for their efforts, and World Vision will now take their ideas and consider which ones to implement.

World Vision works in nearly 100 countries around the world to provide disaster relief, medical care, food aid, agricultural training, and water and sanitation solutions. They also work on projects relating to economic development, education, gender discrimination, and child protection.