Full Sail Students Show Us Their ‘Battle Stations’

Recently, on our student website, Connect, we ran a contest asking students to ‘Show us Your Battle Stations!’ We borrowed this catchy phrase from Music Production student Steven Slyconish, who started a discussion about ‘battle stations’ (aka, your home workspace or studio) on Connect. Steven had just received his tech package for Music Production and wanted ideas on setting up his computer, desk and hardware.

For the contest, students were asked to send us photos of their fabulous workspaces and creative gear. We had 58 entries with some amazing examples of workspaces – handmade desks, multiple monitors, great software, studio-quality recording equipment, a variety of musical instruments, lava lamps, and even a Portal Turret.

Music Production student Dan Brown, Jr. was the winner of our random giveaway (although he also has a pretty sweet battle station – see the top photo). Dan won PreSonus Studio One software.

Below, check out some examples of the many great Full Sail student ‘battle stations.’ Everybody has to work somewhere – why not make your battle station a place that helps inspire you creatively?

“I have a PreSonus tube pre, a DBX compressor, Behringer EQ and FX processors. One trombone, baritone, one electric guitar, one bass, one acoustic guitar are all part of my music instrument selection. I have a CME Midi controller. It’s really old, but it’s built like a tank! I love my Battle Station!

~ Pierre Barbee-Saunders, Music Production


“Panoramic view of my project studio. It consists of the main control/production room, a treated tracking room, and a sound isolation booth. I have way too much gear to list here, but I have enough gear and space to track a complete band in one pass. With a OSX i7 core using Pro Tools and Logic.”

~ David Anadon, Music Production 


“I’ve been building my battle station for a few years, and I am waging some serious Pro Tools war! Dual Screens, Mac Pro Workstation, Mackie Big Knob, MINT NS-10s, Roland DA5s, KRKs, KORG M50-88, and I designed and built my desk by hand! Did I mention Blue LEDs?”

~ Dan Brown, Jr., Music Production


“This is my Battlestation. I have a 27″ iMac. The lights below it are a binary Tix Clock. I have an iPad to the right of that and my Retina Macbook Pro. The chair is built for hours of coding and designing. You can see the inspiration I have set around me. It is a very fun place to work.”

~ Matthew Harris, Mobile Development


“My Battle Station serves as an art & music station. I’m there for hours creating art & music. It’s located in the perfect spot in the corner of my room. It’s surrounded by art, with my Mac, mic, keyboard, surround sound, external hard drive & other equipment. It’s an organized mess like myself!”

~ Ashley Carlisle, Music Production


“This is my home recording setup, which was completely built during my time at Full Sail. My battle station allows me to record live instruments and vocals, then mix them in an ideal environment. For full details on the gear I use and more pictures, please check out facebook.com/DRAStudios.”

~ Tony Stanhope, Entertainment Business MS


“I completely hand-built the desk and it features a PC attached to one monitor (left) and my MacBook Pro attached to the large monitor. Other gear includes: AKAI MAX 49, Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 DSP (sits on original Nintendo), two TAPCO S-8 Active Studio Monitors, and my vast sticker collection.”

~ Matthew Mangini, Music Production


“During my time at Full Sail, I’ve been able to build a solid reputation right out of this room, giving me a full time job to go to when I get out of school. The best part about this setup is my desk. It’s huge. I spent a week building it, and it only cost me about 100 bucks.”

~ Anthony Vezza, Recording Arts


“The left station is for school, art, writing, and video editing. My middle rig is strictly for gaming and concept art. The right portion is where I sketch up ideas. To the right of my sketch station is a small bit of my book collection – mostly educational, some for casual reading.”

~ Samuel Slover, Game Art


“My battle is my parallel universe. In my room, I have everything that I want and the opportunity to create all the ideas that I have in my head. When I press PLAY, everything else doesn’t matter.”

~ Nestor Perez, Show Production




10 thoughts on “Full Sail Students Show Us Their ‘Battle Stations’

  1. Guest says:

    My studio while I was deployed. As a broadcast journalist for the Army, I covered hundreds of stories in the area of responsibility while airing a “deployed” newscast for the Service Members serving overseas. All from this tiny little shack in the desert.

  2. Michael Vealey says:

    Here is my Battle Station!

  3. John Pierre Dominique says:

    two Digital arts grads living in LA

  4. Film Student. My Battle Station is at “Red Alert”. The Beta and DVCPRO decks are for archival purposes. I shoot 100Mbps HD these days. The style of the photo is inspired by the ones of the Full Sail Edit Labs.

  5. Jackie Otero says:

    These are amazing!

  6. LuisDeGouveia says:

    I’m agree with Jackie Otero these are amazing places to record, really good battle stations, I want to have something like that, or better jaja…I will get in to the RA program and those pictures make me feel more secure about why I like that program!

    1. Tulatorn Chirawatpongsa says:

      Buy your drums and I’ll borrow yours! lol

  7. Tulatorn Chirawatpongsa says:

    Oh man, these battle stations are my dreams. I’m building my battle station too but it just started. I have to grab some outboards!

  8. Wow, these are great! Mine consist of a Mac Pro with dual monitors for video editing and a Wacom Cintiq for animation. I also use a MacBook Pro and iPad mini for writing. I sometimes record music and have some gear for that. Love seeing Full Sail students/grads doing it big on their own. One of the reasons I’m proud to be a Full Sail grad.

  9. Lezahe Norwood says:

    the dream

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