Full Sail Hosts Game Art Summit

Students in the Game Development and Game Art degree programs moving closer towards graduation recently had the opportunity to gain helpful critiques on their demo reels and work from artists working in the game industry during the Student Art Critique. The first in what will be an ongoing series, the event allowed students the chance to get one-on-one attention and insight from a panel of professionals.

The participating artists included Art Directors Chris Bromby and Seung Kim of console game developer n-Space, Executive Group Manager Steve Derrick of studio Vicarious Visions, and Full Sail Computer Animation grad Scott Schoennagel, 3D Artist at Rockstar Games.

Students were able to meet with the panel to present their work, and receive critiques on their characters, animations, models, environments, and web presence during two separate sessions held on campus. Over the course of their two-day visit, the panel also attended the graduating classes’ Game Final Project Presentations and the 3D Arts Demo Reel Presentations. All four members of the panel also gave their own presentation in the Entertainment Business Auditorium, where they talked to students about their own experiences working in the business and gave tips about how soon-to-be graduates can market themselves as game artists as they seek jobs in the industry.