Full Sail Honors the Fallen with Annual Memorial Day Event

Memorial Day is a time to honor those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our country, and in keeping with tradition Full Sail hosted an event prior to the actual holiday to bring together students, staff, and faculty to celebrate those individuals who are no longer with us. As attendees entered the backlot, they were greeted with the smell of fresh popcorn, music blasting from the DJ’s stage, and possibly a spray of water from the dunk tank.

“In addition to remembering the fallen, this event is a great way for those who don’t understand the military lifestyle to talk to a veteran and get a better understanding of what veteran students go through [after life in the military]; it’s about bringing people together,” said Film bachelor’s student and Veteran’s Student Union (VSU) President Brenton Stowers. Brenton served in the Army for eight years, and has helped veteran students at Full Sail acclimate to civilian life through his involvement with the VSU.

There were many veteran students who attended the event, but it’s also a chance for the entire school to come together as a community and have a good time.

“We want our veteran student to know that we’re here for them. Whatever they face while they’re here and transitioning out of the military, events like this one is just our way of welcoming them and letting them know that we’re here for whatever they need,” said Military Admissions Representative Christina Carde, who is also a veteran of the Army National Guard.

Those who attended the event were able to relax with some free food, play a life-sized game of Jenga, or draw a memorial portrait with sidewalk chalk. “My favorite thing was dunking the First Sergeant in the dunk tank,” said Digital Cinematography bachelor’s student Marvin Welch.

Check out some photos of the event below.