Full Sail Grad Dina Rodriguez pursues a graphic design career and her own clothing line

The past two years have been busy for Full Sail alumna Dina Rodriguez. After she graduated from the university in 2010, she landed a paid internship with ESPN’s Wide World of Sports, then a full-time job with Dream Factory Productions in Orlando and also started her own clothing line, Hipster Ketchup.

The graphic designer from Fort Lauderdale, whose first love was illustration, began her college career as an animation major at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. However, she “quickly learned (animation) wasn’t for me,” and made the jump to the Graphic Design program at Full Sail.

After only two years at the university, Rodriguez was chosen out of 250 applicants for an internship with ESPN’s Wide World of Sports. “They even put up a billboard I made last year for Braves spring training.”

She believes the ESPN internship “really beefed up her résumé,” and helped her get the job at Dream Factory Productions. However, her job at Dream Factory is much more than graphic design.

“I create all of the print pieces here for our clients, I also update a lot of our clients’ Web content. I am also in charge of all of our social media and the look and feel of our clients’ social media.”

And while she enjoys her full-time job at Dream Factory, where she gets to “be on Facebook and Twitter all day,” she also loves spending time working on her clothing line, Hipster Ketchup. The clothing line, which she started six months ago, is something she enjoys because of the freedom it provides.

“Hipster Ketchup is awesome because it’s all mine. I can do whatever I want — no art directors or clients who don’t know what they want. Just me and the weird things I think are amusing.”

She was inspired to start the line after Johnny Earle, who founded Johnny Cupcakes, came to speak at Full Sail: “I follow the same business plan as Johnny Cupcakes,” which does the majority of its sales online.

This self-described “over-achiever” credits her time at Full Sail for being able to succeed in the real world so soon after graduation.

“What I think prepared me the most were my production classes with Peter Soutullo.” Rodriguez said. “He would throw several projects at us at once and taught us organization and treated us as if we were his employees, and not his students.”

For more information about Dina or her company visit facebook.com/dinamariecreativefan or facebook.com/HipsterKetchup