Full Sail Grad Darren Lynn Bousman Returns to Campus

Darren Lynn Bousman – Full Sail grad and the director of horror films Saw II, Saw III, Saw IV, and Repo! The Genetic Opera – returned to campus last week to spend a couple of hours with a small group of staff and GPS-selected students.

The director, along with writer/actor Terrance Zdunich, actor J. LaRose, and producer (and fellow Full Sail grad) Will Clevinger, screened his latest film, The Devil’s Carnival, for a group of about 30 students and fellow filmmakers who were in town for the Florida Film Festival. Darren also signed autographs, dished out career advice, and shared a few details about his next project, a film called Cinco de Mayo, that he’ll shoot in Mexico later this summer.

Afterward, Darren and crew headed over to Orlando’s Premiere Cinemas at Fashion Square Mall to take part in a public screening of The Devil’s Carnival. The director is on a 30-city national tour that fuses the movie with a mixture of live burlesque performances, meet and greets, singalongs, and costume contests.

“Darren was thrilled to be able to fit in that extra screening for students and staff,” said Jamey Hopper of Career Development. “Full Sail grad [and producer] Will Clevinger brought his parents with him to the screening, and they told me it was a dream for them to see their son’s work inspire new students.”

Pictured above, from left to right: Alumni Advisor Dan Severson, Career Development Advisor Vanessa Jackson, Career Development Industry Outreach Rep Tom Oberdick, Darren Lynn Bousman, Will Clevinger, J. LaRose, and Terrance Zdunich