Full Sail Game Final Project Featured on indieDB.com’s Popular Games List

Students in Full Sail’s Game Development degree program are typically not even thinking about getting recognized outside of the school as they work on their Final Projects – they’re just trying to get them finished in time. But a group from this month’s graduating class has already been spotlighted for their game a week before they even graduate by indieDB.com.

The site – which is dedicated to connecting and supporting independent game developers and their games – recently showcased Noxious on their Popular Games List. The game takes place inside a research facility, and challenges players to blow their way out of the locked down contamination site.

“It’s amazing to see what a student team made up of three degree programs can put together in five months, when the programmers build their engine from scratch, artists learn how to work with limitations, and they’re constantly pushed to meet deadlines,” says Full Sail Game Project Art Director Phillip Marunowski. “I’m so proud of these students, and I wish the best for them as they venture out into the industry.”

We’ll be featuring Noxious (as well as the other projects from this month’s graduating class) next week after the Game Final Project presentations, but in the meantime, take a sneak peek at some of the gameplay here.



2 thoughts on “Full Sail Game Final Project Featured on indieDB.com’s Popular Games List

  1. Avatar Martin Yao says:

    This is a good job. First,the 3D model is very good. And, I can’t believe that this is develop it in a have not a game designer situation. Because, I think the game very good in the design. But, I think the camera flowing the main role not very well. May be add some smooth effect will better. Finally, The game have had not any camera effect. But the project have not finish. I look forward to its completion.

    1. Avatar Marco Rivera says:

      I like the video games! And this project looks very well

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