Full Sail Featured at the Future of Education Technology Conference

The Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC) took place at the Orange County Convention Center in January, attracting educators from around the world and featuring guest speakers, exhibitors, and workshops that are designed to enhance a student’s learning experience with new, innovative tools.

Full Sail’s own Holly Ludgate, Director of Learning with Full Sail Labs and DC3 Education, was one of the featured guest speakers. Holly presented information on the Social Video Creator course offered through DC3, which allows the student to take their interest in becoming an online creator or video star and turn that into a programming strategy for worldwide consumption.

“FETC is a great conference for educators to experience,” Holly said. “One of the key takeaways I had from this year was how educators are limited by the constraints of the educational system, yet have a desire to engage their students with passion and creativity.”

The FETC is known as the premiere educational technology conference in the southeast, and attracts thousands of education and technology leaders from around the world. Exhibitors such as Microsoft, CDW, Lenovo, and Amazon Education delivered strategies and best practices for student success and school-wide advancement.