Full Sail Faculty Member Sean Kinchlow Works on ‘A Measure of Faith’ Film

Full Sail faculty member Sean Kinchlow has spent the past three years pulling double duty: as the Film program’s Postproduction Course Director and the co-writer, producer, and editor of the movie A Measure of Faith, which is in theaters this Friday.

“The movie is about a former professional basketball player who experiences a tragedy in his life,” says Sean. “And it makes him question his beliefs about life, faith, and even his own spirituality.”

The film’s co-writer, director, and star is Dallas Davis, a local actor who Sean met several years ago while both were working on Full Sail student films. The two co-wrote the feature and shot it in around Orlando and Miami.

Dallas had connections with Freestyle Releasing, who obtained distribution rights for the film before it was even finished being shot. In addition to Sean, three other staff members (Richard Aparicio on Titles, Alex Ginzo as a Sound Mixer, and John Claudio Von Statzell as a Voice Over Recordist) and 24 grads (most who were students at the time) worked on the film’s crew.

“Some of the students on the main unit were already part of the crew and we [later] found out they were students,” said Sean. “I had approached the students who worked on the second unit crew and asked if they wanted to work on the movie because I liked what they did in their demo reels, and they jumped at [the opportunity]. They were really helpful.”

The film had its premiere screening on October 4 at the Regal Winter Park Village, and will be released at nine theaters across Central Florida this Friday, October 19. From there, it will spread throughout other cities. More information can be found at ameasureofaithmovie.com, and you can check out the 30-second trailer below.



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