Full Sail Expands Mobile Development Degree Program

Full Sail Expands Mobile Development Degree Program

Following the launch of the online Mobile Development program in January 2011, Full Sail recently announced that the Bachelor’s Degree program will now be offered on campus as well, beginning in March.

The Mobile Development Online Bachelor’s Degree Program was an answer to a rapidly evolving industry that saw the future of computing moving quickly to mobile devices. A 2012 Nielsen study found that 64% of mobile phone time is spent on apps, and the Interactive Advertising Bureau reported that mobile marketing alone was a $5.3 billion industry in 2011. The industry hasn’t slowed down since. Companies are actively looking for developers who can create apps that will run on iOS, Android, and other mobile platforms.

Mobile Development Program Manager Joe DeSetto tells students that mobile development industry is still in the beginning stages. “Emerging markets and a lot of Fortune 500s are just now coming out with enterprise strategies that include mobile,” says Joe. “The big name apps and popular games are only a small portion of the jobs available. Companies have demands for internal applications as well. The demand [for jobs] is really just going to continue to grow.

Both the campus and online programs will have the same curriculum – the only major difference being that the on-campus program is 21 months while the online one is 32. (Campus students sometimes take two classes in one month while online students take one.) The program focuses on four main areas: web standards, iOS, Android, and mobile gaming. The goal of the program is to teach students the skills needed to produce a range of interactive content for various mobile platforms. They’ll spend the first few months learning the basics, then, throughout the rest of the program, will have the opportunity to create five apps.

“By offering this degree both online and on campus, we’re able to provide the type of learning experience that best fits our individual students,” says Bill Galbreath, Education Director of Full Sail’s Design and Technology Schools. “That way, they can join this rapidly growing industry and help design our world.”