Full Sail Alumni Networking Event: Austin, TX, Oct. 11, 2011

For those of you who are keeping track, the recent Full Sail Alumni Networking Event in Austin, TX has set the bar for how these things are to be done. While speaking to our Director of Social Media a few days after Austin, she made mention of the notable uptick in online chatter prior to the event. And while we were  in Austin for the event itself, the rousing energy and the excitement was undeniable.

Harvey Smith of Dues Ex fame kicked off the event at Buffalo Billiards for us this time around; he is currently Creative Director at Arkane Studios. Harvey came out for the express purpose of talking to our graduates. The word of the day for Smith was “community.” I’ll say it again, the game design people have got that in spades. And they aren’t shy about finding the talent that they want to make their product. If you look on the front page of Arkane’s website you will see this: “If you have a passion for playing and making first person immersive games and want to share this passion with highly skilled and motivated staff in a multi-cultural, creative and friendly atmosphere, then contact us.” Well at the Full Sail Networking Event we had more than a link on a web page, we had the man in flesh and bone, face to face with our Alum!

An equally notable presence was that of Mr. Beau Curtis, a 2006 Show Production graduate. Beau has a robust work history that includes the likes of the White House, the Super Bowl, SXSW, Fox Sports, and Jaguar.

“I was impressed by the turnout,” said Curtis. On this night he was on a mission for his company ATX Event Systems. Beau was actively seeking out Show Production graduates for A/V work.

It has never been so easy to connect with your peers for an evening and find yourself some support and inspiration. We have all been eager for this kind of alumni activity and at last it’s here. Lend a hand; take an active role in growing our events with us by helping spread the word to fellow Full Sail Alumni.

Check out some photos from the event in Austin: