Full Sail Alumni Network Hosts Networking Event

Full Sail’s Alumni Network recently kicked off the first of its regional networking events. Designed to bring Full Sail alumni from all degree programs together to build new relationships, share their professional experiences, discuss the industry, and enjoy a night of socializing, the event was held at Drake’s Bar at the Boathouse restaurant in Winter Park.

The night also featured a panel comprised of notable local grads, including Planet Digital Owner David Beatriz (Recording Arts), Zee Gee Games CEO Dustin Clingman (Game Development), RTC Entertainment Vice President Anthony DeRosa (Film), North Ave Studios Chief Engineer/Public Relations Manager Lee Rosario (Recording Arts), Eclyptic Media/Timber Creative Group President Phil Tripoli (Film), and Thuzi Project Manager/Front End Lead Shane Waite (Digital Arts & Design/Internet Marketing Master’s).

The panel spoke to the group of over 100 Full Sail graduates about their careers, and exchanged information with their fellow alumni throughout the event. Full Sail’s Alumni Network plans on continuing to grow throughout the southeast with future alumni events already in the works.