Full Circle: Game Development Grad Jameson Durall Speaks with Students

Full Sail recently welcomed Game Development graduate Jameson Durall back to campus to give students an inside look at the making of Volition’s recent title Red Faction: Armageddon, on which he served as the game’s lead level designer. Joined by Senior Producer Jim Boon and Art Director Jason Whiteside, Jameson’s presentation in the Full Sail Live Venue was the latest installment in Full Sail’s Full Circle lecture series.

Since its release earlier this year, Red Faction: Armageddon has received positive buzz from the media, earned positive reviews from GameSpot and IGN, and was profiled on the G4TV series X-Play. During the presentation, the Volition team walked students through the production process of the game, from the initial pre-production brainstorming sessions to some of the obstacles that they faced during the actual production process.

Speaking to a room full of gaming students (many of whom are in the midst of working together on their Game Final Projects), Jameson and company also shared their professional insight about what it’s like to work as part of a team on a title, and stressed the importance of good communication, collaboration, and being open to direction and new ideas. The three Red Faction principals also took questions from students during an open Q&A session after the first part of the lecture.

But the entire event didn’t totally go according to Jameson’s itinerary. At the close of the presentation, Full Sail Director of Alumni Relations Jay Noble called Admissions Representative Eric Champion and Full Sail President Garry Jones to the stage (along with Jameson’s cousin Martin Woodlee, via telephone) to surprise Jameson by announcing his selection as an inductee for Full Sail’s Hall of Fame 2011 class. Jameson’s inclusion is also a milestone in that it marks the first time that a gaming graduate has been inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Later that afternoon, Jameson also participated in the first Full Sail Game Development Tweet-up. An active Twitter member, Jameson has built a reputation for connecting with students and helping them network with other gaming professionals as they prepare to enter the industry. At the Tweet-up event, students were able to meet him in person and allow him to put faces to names.