‘Fluid Fridays’ Workshops Are Open to All Students

It’s been nearly a year since Digital Arts & Design launched Fluid Fridays, a series of weekly GPS workshops open to campus and online students across all degree programs.

The series, which covers a wide range of creative topics, began as a faculty-inspired initiative. “Fluid Fridays has grown organically from the passion of our teachers,” explains Digital Publishing Department Chair Triesta Hall. “Because of our structure at Full Sail, where everything moves so quickly, there’s a lot of information you don’t have time to squeeze into a specific class. So we provide these workshops.”

Some workshops focus on technical skills, while others look at broader creative concepts or offer tips for professional advancement. Upcoming themes include “How to Screen Print at Home,” “Beyond the Portfolio: The Interview,” and “Subliminal Advertising.” 

Overall, Fluid Fridays has proven to be a big hit among students. “Feedback has been very positive,” says Triesta. “We’ve had students from all different degrees, even in workshops that you’d think would attract specific types of degrees.”

She cites an Adobe Illustrator workshop as an example. “You wouldn’t expect to see business or audio students participating in that one, but we’ve seen a lot of cross-pollination. That’s one of the best experiences, because we have all different students in one room for the first time. They share interests and work on projects together.” And because the workshops are always streamed live via GoTo Training, they also provide online students with the opportunity to interact directly with their campus counterparts.

Multiple workshops are available every Friday, each lasting for no more than two hours. Students can learn more about upcoming workshops on Connect, where new schedules are posted at the end of every month. Check out photos from a screen printing workshop below.