Flight Plan Accepting Submissions for Script, Film, and Music Video Concepts

If you’re looking for a way to get your script, music video concept, or other personal creative project made into a reality, get your idea ready to be submitted before next Wednesday. Flight Plan, Full Sail’s on-campus production arm, gives students the opportunity to work with industry professionals on projects that fall outside of the normal curriculum, and they’re currently accepting submissions for their next round of projects.

Launched by the Film program, Flight Plan showcases Full Sail’s students to the industry by producing music videos, short films, feature films, episodic productions, reality productions, documentaries, and single-set live productions. They choose these projects based on submissions from staff, students, graduates, and outside producers. Once a submission application is approved, students must then pitch their idea to a panel of Flight Plan members.

“We’re primarily looking for students who come to the pitch sessions prepared,” says Nikki Willson, the coordinator for Flight Plan. “If they have a feature, we want them to have the script written and revised before they even come to see us.”

Some of Flight Plan’s most recent projects have included the Boyz II Men music video shoot for “One More Dance” and a filming of a science-fiction television pilot called Shadow Blade. In addition to having their projects selected, students can also volunteer to be on the crew for the projects that are selected for production.

Flight Plan usually take submissions every other month, and schedules projects based on when resources are best available. Submissions are currently being accepted until next Wednesday, July 18. Download a copy of the submission form on Propeller or email flightplan@fullsail.com.

“We’ll decline submission forms if the student does not treat it in a professional manner and makes grammatical errors,” says Nikki. “Treat it just like you’re pitching to a major production company in Hollywood.”