Five Students Present at April’s Digital Arts & Design Grad Showcase

Five Full Sail students presented their demo reels and creative talents at this month’s Digital Arts & Design Graduate Showcase. As usual, the results were nothing short of inspiring.

Austin Bone showcased his own personal branding, and unveiled some pretty neat ‘leave behinds’ for job interviews, including CD “mixtapes” that give potential employers a look at the music that has inspired his art. He also wowed the audience with a quasi-risque Jacob and Company print campaign, and an interesting photo-essay spread called “Endangered Homemaker” for ELLE Magazine.

Multimedia Designer Brian Rust’s presentation included motion graphics, 3D modeling, and compositing, as he showed unique commercials for companies like Ex-Lax and Coca Cola.

Amber Weske had a pretty unique style, coupled with what seemed to be a fascination with bunny rabbits – not that there’s anything wrong with that, especially when every seat in the packed auditorium was given a three inch white chocolate bunny. That theme also carried over to her five business cards, which also doubled as Rabbit Tarot Cards (each rabbit character represents a bunny that she’s had as a pet).

Erika Barker’s
presentation not only showed off her skills as a designer, but also her chops as a photographer; prior to completing her DAD degree at Full Sail, Erika was a service member for the Navy, Army, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard. As a result, there were some great pics from Nicaragua and Haiti.

Finally, Blake Fawley presented a demo reel that included motion graphic pieces for MTV Fitness, Current TV, Gamma, and more.