Five Questions: Admissions



You’ve settled on what degree you want to get, and even decided what you want to do with it after you graduate. Now you need to start thinking about how you’re actually going to make it happen. To help familiarize you with the logistics of starting your education at Full Sail, we recently met with Jon Niebch, Director of Admissions Communications, to discuss five of the most commonly asked questions his team gets from potential students.

How am I going to pay for school?

“There are a lot of financing opportunities available at Full Sail, and there are people here who will help you understand them. Most people qualify for some level of financial aid. There’s also a scholarship guide on our website ( that has several opportunities that students can look into.”

To learn more about Financial Aid, check out this recent Five Questions blog post we did with our Financial Aid department.

Where am I going to live?

“We have a dedicated housing department will help you find a good place to live and we’ll help you find a roommate. There are lots of choices within walking distance, even more within biking distance, and if you have a car, the world is essentially your oyster.”

I want to take an online degree, will I miss the classroom experience?

“A lot of people look at online learning as them doing projects all by themselves in their bedroom with a computer. The truth is that online learning often tends to be much more communal because you can just throw a question out there and the whole class can jump on it and contribute. Sometimes you’re not as inclined to speak up in person, so it levels the playing field to have these great open conversations.”

Can I work while taking classes at Full Sail?

“Online students are absolutely encouraged to have a full-time job, that’s what it’s there for, to be flexible and meet your schedule. For campus students, we highly recommend that you don’t work while you’re here because you could be in class up to 40 hours a week. There are opportunities to make a few bucks working on campus, or networking with classmates to work on freelance projects that might pay, but even 10 hours a week at an outside job may be difficult for you.”

What is Project Launchbox?

“Project Launchbox is a Full Sail initiative that provides students with a program-specific Mac or PC laptop and media-creation software at an institutional discount.”


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