Five Groups Present Projects at June SGP Game Expo

Five student groups showcased their games at this month’s Structure of Game Production Project Expo. The Expo presentations are an open floor environment where guests can play student-made games and directly interact with the game developers.

World of Explosions is a 2D combat side scroller that puts an interesting twist on the typical good vs. evil game archetype. In the game, players take on the role of the bad guys, and work to get a hold of the world’s explosions and implement chaos into the world.

Super Snap Bros is a 2D fighter that allows two to four players to duke it out on stage while taking pictures of the attacks. Points are then assessed in order to determine the battle’s winner.

VS40K tasks players with controlling a mighty army on the war-torn worlds of the grim 41st millennium. As subsequent rounds pass, players are able to control more diverse armies who are dedicated to scouring the land on a quest to dominate.

Distorted is a rhythm vs. bullet game that requires players to play according to the rhythm of the game’s music. Players go head-to-head in fast-paced rhythmic combat as they dodge bullets and enemies as they strive towards victory. Oh, and it’s also set in space.

Battle Tactics Showdown lets players face off against battle-hardened warriors in a bleak, war-torn future. Attacked by intergalactic alien forces, the few remaining members of a near-extinct human race must band together to drive the aliens from Earth and save civilization.