Five Grads on the Summer Hit ‘The Fault in Our Stars,’ Now on Video

One of this summer’s unlikeliest blockbusters comes to video today, The Fault in Our Stars, an adaptation of John Green’s popular novel of the same name. Amidst the chaos and destruction of comic book sequels and other action spectacles, this quiet romantic drama found a dedicated audience that helped it land at number one at the box office during a busy June release window.

Fault would eventually go on to gross nearly $300 million at the worldwide box office, an impressive showing considering its tight budget and shooting schedule. The project was directed by Josh Boone (Stuck in Love), and filmed on location in Pennsylvania during the summer of 2013. Following principle photography, it went into post production where five Full Sail alumni worked on its audio mix and visual effects.

These grads include:

  • David Betancourt (1990 Recording Arts graduate; ADR mixer)
  • Jim Brookshire (1990 Recording Arts graduate; sound editor)
  • Shane Flaherty (2011 Computer Animation graduate; compositor)
  • Chris Fogel (1996 Recording Arts graduate; music scoring mixer)
  • Nicholas Hasson (1999 Film graduate; additional digital colorist)

Many of these artists contributed to other major summer releases. Both David Betancourt and Jim Brookshire were featured on the audio team for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, with Betancourt doubling up as ADR mixer for X-Men: Days of Future Past. Computer Animation grad Shane Flaherty was also a compositor on Disney’s hit Maleficent, as well as the Scarlett Johansson action vehicle Lucy.



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  1. Avatar Aline Miranda says:

    The fault in our stars was an very well adaptation made for the cinema. The movie is as exciting as the book. It is good to know that full sail alumni worked in a famous movie and did a great job.

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