Film Students Showcase Final Projects at GradFest

After months and months of learning the filmmaking process and preparing to start their careers in the industry, this month’s graduating class of Full Sail Film students presented their Final Projects at GradFest. The Aloma Cinema Grill was packed with friends, family, and faculty as five groups screened their 16mm and 35mm films a day before graduation.

The student projects offered a variety of cinematic options, from the psychological drama of Trash, which told the story of a traumatized girl holding herself prisoner in her garbage-cluttered apartment, to Kalashnikov, a short World War II biopic about the creator of the AK-47.

While making their Final Projects, students apply their knowledge in every aspect of the production process, including grip/electric, camera, sound, and directing. A film’s production locations are dependent upon the script and range from on-campus soundstages to on-location sites.