Film Students Meet the Cast and Crew of Independent Film ‘Missionary’

Film students recently had the chance to meet with some of the cast and crew of upcoming independent film Missionary. Director Anthony DiBlasi visited a classroom to share his insight with students, drawing from his experience on his previous films such as Cassadaga and Dread. 

DiBlasi was also joined by Missionary cast members Dawn Olivieri (Heroes, How I Met Your Mother), Mitch Ryan (One Tree Hill), and Producer/Writers Scott Poiley and Bruce Wood. During their discussion, the group spoke about the roles that everyone must play in order to see a film to its completion, as well as the challenges that are unique to the world of independent film. DiBlasi also showcased some of the dailies from the Missionary shoot (the film is slated for release in 2012), and answered questions from the classroom about working in the film industry.



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