Film Production Master’s Students Collaborate Across Campus with ‘Fenrik the Troll’

Over the past few months, students in Full Sail’s Film Production Master’s degree program (FPMFA) have been hard at work creating Fenrik the Troll, a short film that has employed the help of numerous programs across campus.

The storyline follows Fenrik, a hungry troll who lives in a cave, as he attempts to catch a little girl carrying a delicious basket of muffins. According to co-producer Justin Prince, the film is shot with a very “cartoonish, Wile. E. Coyote” style.


“We have a lot going on that other projects haven’t had. Like, the location of a cave wasn’t the most practical, and our troll was going to need some extensive special effects makeup. So we started reaching out to different people from other departments on campus. We reached out to the [Film] bachelor’s program and asked if we could use a rock wall they already had. They agreed, and their Art Direction instructor Thomas Hayek helped us draw up the blueprint for putting the cave together.”


After making arrangements for the cave, the team reached out to Valentina Costa, who oversees the makeup lab for the Film bachelor’s program. Valentina, along with student and makeup artist Katie Gerhart, helped to bring Fenrick’s gruesome appearance to life.

The team also reached out to Full Sail’s Computer Animation and Digital Arts & Design departments. “There were some moderate visual effects stuff that had to be done. There are times where the traps that Fenrick set backfire – like one instance where he’s trying to fire a bazooka, and it blows up on him. We had a lot of help from the Computer Animation department to pull off those visual effects.”

“The coolest thing,” says Justin, “is that we were able to reach out to other programs and bring them in on the effort. The film process itself is collaborative; it’s unique in the world of arts that way. With film, you really rely on the help of other people, and being able to pull in people from other programs, as well as students who are in the master’s class behind us, made it even cooler. I gave it more of a Hollywood look.”

Fenrik the Troll will be released in full on Thursday, October 29. For now, check out the trailer below.

(Photography by Andrea Alibrandi.)



2 thoughts on “Film Production Master’s Students Collaborate Across Campus with ‘Fenrik the Troll’

  1. Giuseppe Paulino says:

    Hi, my name is Aldo, I’m Doing the ESL program now, but i’m going for Film Production when I finish it. I’m enjoying the ESL program, but when see Projects like this, make me so exciting to start my degree program.
    I like that short video, nice job guys.

  2. Zixin Ding says:

    I think full sail have variely of person with ability. And later I will go to study film production. I think there should have a lot of fun in my major.

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