Film Grad Shawn Tiano on Gordon Ramsay’s Hotel Hell

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has ingratiated himself into pop culture thanks to his dynamic presence on hit shows like Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares. Having already tackled food service, he’s getting set to take on a new industry with the upcoming reality series Hotel Hell.

The show’s five-episode season was filmed in early 2012, and working behind the scenes as production assistant was Film graduate Shawn Tiano. As he explained, the show is similar in format to Kitchen Nightmares, with Ramsay visiting struggling hotels in need of refurbishment and advising them on how to save their business.

“If you’re a fan of his this is really going to add another element,” Shawn says. “The fact that he’s helping out these smaller bed and breakfast places made the experience a lot of fun. He really tries to help the little people, and it’s cool how he’s expanding his format.”

Shawn assisted on three episodes, which were shot at different locations along the East coast. Just a single hour-long episode required a full week of filming, and he jumped between the camera and lighting departments helping to prepare shots.

“I loved being on set, this is exactly what I went to school for,” he says. “I was more hands-on with the lighting the first episode, helping set up and change bulbs. Then on the second and third episodes I got more into the camera department, which was the best part because I got to test what Full Sail taught me.”

Hotel Hell will premiere on Fox on Monday, June 4, at 8 p.m. ET. Since wrapping production, Shawn has also contributed to the hit G4 series American Ninja Warrior, and is looking forward to seeing his television work on air this summer.

“I’m excited about being able to show my family and friends what I worked on,” he says. “I had some great experiences and it’s so different when you’re a part of these shows and see all the hard work put into them. Watching all the departments working as one is pretty overwhelming, and it’s a great feeling knowing you also have a hand in it.”



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