6 thoughts on “Film Fridays: ‘Right Side Up’

  1. Matt Lynn says:

    This is the old version. The school went back and redubbed with the actual actors. Is there a way to put that version up? It’s far more respectful to the actors involved.

    1. Soorya Arsala Soorya Arsala says:

      Hi Matt! Thank you for the heads up on this, we’ve tracked down the second version of the film and will be updating it accordingly. I apologize for the delay in getting back with you while we were investigating the matter. We appreciate your feedback and thank you for reading the Full Sail Blog.

    2. Soorya Arsala Soorya Arsala says:

      We uploaded the second version here:

      Thank you again for pointing this out to us!

      1. Matt Lynn says:

        Thank you! 🙂

  2. Estephany says:

    The effect of the video after sawing it was satisfying. The girl only sees things upside down, her perspective of live is different than others.

    The man who works in a restaurant felt comfortable when talked to her. However, his head was furious at seeing him speaking with the girl.

    When he decides to quit, the job was an act of brave. He was fighting for his future. He found the love of his life.

  3. Jessica Brown says:

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