Film Fridays: Memorial Day Edition

film fridays

In honor of Memorial Day and of the servicemen and women both here at Full Sail and afar, we wanted to showcase a military-inspired student film on the blog this week. As luck would have it, we came across As Ghosts, a 35 mm film that premiered at last month’s Film GradFest. We were even more excited when we heard that the film’s writer, student Aaron Benningfield, is a former Marine himself.

As Ghosts, directed by Film grad John Clemson, explores the relationship between an aging grandfather and his grandson, both who were members of the Armed Services. Several scenes from the film were shot on location at the US Navy & Marine Corps Reserve, and real Marines and military vehicles were used in the filming. Aaron and the crew worked to secure the location, and the Marines graciously agreed to help.

“The film is based on a true story about Aaron’s relationship with his own grandfather,” says Andrew Campbell, a Lab Specialist in the Film department and Producer on the film. “No matter which war, soldiers have a common bond, and it’s that commonality that brings these characters together.”