Film Fridays: ‘Loves Me Not’

We were all impressed after watching this week’s student film Loves Me Not, and we weren’t the only ones. The film’s cinematographer, Boyd Hobbs, received the American Society of Cinematographers’ William A. Fraker Heritage Award for outstanding artistic achievement in student filmmaking for his work on the project.

Without giving too much away, Loves Me Not explores abusive relationships and how easily one can be emotionally manipulated in a bad situation. The film, which was directed by Rebecca Hodges and Ewa Pazera and premiered at August 2010’s GradFest, is gritty and dramatic, thanks greatly in part to the moody lighting used throughout.

“Rebecca was very adamant that the film was to be set during the day, so it was a long process for me to try to make it feel like a dark movie in daylight,” says Boyd, who now lives in Los Angeles and is working on his Master’s in Cinematography at the American Film Institute. “Production Design was helpful in making sure that happened. The walls had to be just so dark and the windows in the right place, and it worked out well. Everyone worked together to make it happen.”



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