Film Fridays: ‘G.A.P.H.’

film fridays

G.A.P.H. starts off as a Western, turns into a “zombie” flick, then adds an element of science fiction and time travel. It’s hard to give this 16mm film a specific genre, but one thing we’re sure of is that by the end, everyone – including the agent who has traveled back in time from 2179 – has banded together to get rid of the G.A.P.H.’s (genetically altered pseudo humans) taking over the town.

We were curious as to how the film’s writer (and one of its directors), Helder Pedro, came up with the concept, so we checked in with him earlier this week. Helder graduated in September 2010 and now works as a freelance editor and shooter in the San Francisco Bay area.

“I was in sound design class when I started day dreaming. I had several dreams that day, and G.A.P.H. is a combination of all three of them,” says Helder. “I had submitted three other ‘normal’ scripts for the 16mm producing class so I figured G.A.P.H. would just be a wild card, but it was actually chosen to be made, and I am am very happy with the outcome.”