Film Fridays: Documentary Spotlight

film fridays

This week we’re showcasing two documentaries made in the Documentary Filmmaking Course back in late 2010/early 2011, each with a unique tie to the outdoors.

Imagine holding your breath the entire time you watch this first seven-minute documentary; because that’s essentially what the subjects of the film do. In Neptune’s Playground, a trio of people from the Performance Freediving group explore marine life and shipwrecks underwater without the use of any scuba tanks. (Incredible, one of the women interviewed can hold her breath for 11 minutes.) In March 2011, the doc placed third at the Enzian Film Slam, a monthly film competition for independent and student filmmakers in Florida.

This week’s second documentary, Back to Nature, is about the Back to Nature Wildlife Refuge, a local Orlando nonprofit that rehabilitates injured and orphaned wild animals. The shelter helps more than 2,500 animals each year, and does so largely through a network of volunteers and interns.