Film Fridays: Documentary Spotlight

film fridays

Documentary Filmmaking has its own courses in the Film program and its own section during each month’s GradFest, so it makes sense to us to give docs their own Spotlight on our Film Fridays blog. For this first one, we chose a pair of shorts that each bring awareness to non-profit organizations in the Central Florida area.

The appropriately-titled Freedom Ride is about Freedom Ride, the Central Florida non-profit organization that runs a horseback riding center for mentally and physically disabled children and adults. The organization’s lease with the City of Orlando ends in 2016, and they’re struggling with the challenges of having to find a new home and relocate their entire operation.

We’ve featured this week’s other documentary, Soup, on the blog before; and it was recently screened at the Florida Film Festival. The eight-minute short is about the Daily Bread food kitchen in Melbourne, Florida. Besides having to deal with food supply and resource shortages, the organization has been in the middle of a four-year battle with the City of Melbourne over zoning and funding.