Female Students Come Together for August’s X-Factor Meeting

Female students from all degree programs at Full Sail were recently invited to the monthly X-Factor meeting to talk about both the adversities and opportunities that exist for women working in the entertainment industry.

This month’s guest speaker was Behavioral Science Course Director Tatiana Quiroga, who led the classroom in a discussion that focused on motivation. Throughout the meeting, the group shared their insight about how gender plays a role in the workplace and in the various branches of the entertainment business. Students were also able to share their insight about how factors such as the media, society’s role models, and the common infrastructure of the “Boy’s Club” have served as obstacles in their own professional and creative paths. They then shared ways in which they have been able to overcome these challenges and maintain their focus on their goals.

The X-Factor is a Full Sail club that provides a safe environment for women at Full Sail to address and discuss issues that affect them. Students have the opportunity to network with women from other degree programs with the hopes of creating a support system and equipping them with the skills to be successful women in the industry.