February Web Design & Development Final Presentations

Four students from this month’s Web Design & Development program’s graduating class showcased the end result of months of coding, designing, and site implementation at the Final Project presentations.

The first presenter was Caleb May, who gave the audience a brief history of his personal growth and journey into the world of web design before showcasing his bright, sketch-driven portfolio site.

Next up was Maria Nguyen, whose HoopSociety.com provides a way for pro basketball players, aspiring athletes, agents, and fans to connect with one another through direct messaging, status updates, and personalized profiles.

Jay Casteel and Joe Vanderloski teamed together to present the Social School, an interactive classroom module designed to enhance the way that teachers present online lectures to students. Some of the module’s goals are to improve communication between students and teachers, provide students with tools to receive real-time feedback and to ask questions regarding the lecture content, and even hold students accountable for their participation in presentations by broadcasting alerts when they open up another window or tab in their web browser. That last one is probably a real drag for students stuck in a boring lecture, but it can’t ultimately be a bad thing, right?

Each month, the Web Design & Development Final Project requires students to produce content that shows they’ve developed efficiency in the areas covered throughout the program, including designing creative visuals, developing coding, testing, and implementation of websites, and integrating flash and web standards.