Faculty Members’ Films at ‘Love Your Shorts’ Film Festival

Two very different short films, written and directed by Full Sail film instructors, are official selections in the Sanford, Florida Love Your Shorts Film Festival, Feb. 14 -16.

Kevin O’Neill (Directing for Film Lab Specialist) submitted the dark, edgy thriller Reverse, while Dean McDermitt (Documentary Filmmaking Lab Specialist) produced a whimsical documentary called Disappear Here about the art of Cosplay.

For Disappear Here, McDermitt interviewed more than 30 Cosplayers – people who attend conventions and events dressed as their favorite video game, animation, film, book, or comic book characters. “I wanted to cut to the core of why these people do what they do,” says McDermitt. “The answers were quite enlightening. For many of them, it was about escapism and becoming someone else for a day. I was also amazed how pervasive superheroes are in our culture.”

O’Neill’s film, Reverse, is a departure from his usual family-oriented films. The 7-minute thriller, about a man about to undergo a colonoscopy, has a sudden, shocking ending. The film, which stars O’Neill, was also an official selection in the Orlando Film Festival last fall.