Faculty Member Wendy Moore: What Are You Watching?

We’ve been asking our grads who are working on films, albums, video games, live tours, and more what they’ve been inspired by, and thought we’d ask our faculty members right here on campus what they’re currently enjoying, too.

English Department Course Director Wendy Moore told us a little bit about what she will be watching:

“I was at the panel at this year’s Star Wars Celebration VI when they revealed Star Wars: Detours, the new animated series by Seth Green and Matt Senreich (of Robot Chicken) and directed by Todd Grimes. Having people like Jane Espenson and the other writers working on this is a huge attraction. Jane is a writer with a real following, just like Matt and Seth. The voice actors (like Zachary Levi from Chuck, Felicia Day from The Guild, Anthony Daniels and Billy Dee Williams from the original trilogy, and lots more from game, TV, and animation) will make this a very fun show. The trailer and clips are hilarious, and I can’t wait for them to air the show.”



2 thoughts on “Faculty Member Wendy Moore: What Are You Watching?

  1. Avatar Heinz says:

    I’m no a big fan of the Star Wars movies. I have seen them all and yet it is not making a fan. A like Chicken Robot parodies they are hilarious and also I’m looking forward to see this parody of Star Wars.

    1. Avatar Luis Mesa says:

      I’m not a Star Wars fan either, but this parodies look really funny!

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