Faculty Finds: iPad Magic, Educational Video Games, Avoiding Copyright Issues, and More

faculty picks

Over on the Full Sail University Online Faculty Blogs, course directors and lab specialists share articles with their students that we think everyone would enjoy, so we’re picking a few of our favorites every month and linking to them right here.

  • Entertainment Business Program Manager Eric Saperstein recommended this article, in which a Miami Herald writer uses the recent Olympic Games to showcase four right and wrong ways to use social media to promote your brand.
  • Magician/street performer Charlie Caper and his partner Erik Rosales performed an iPad “magic act” at a real estate conference in Cannes, France, that caught the eye of Education Media Design & Technology Course Director Jason Gillett. “I was under the mistaken impression that I had seen all that there was to see when it comes to the mighty iPad,” Jason wrote. “I was wrong.”
  • Game Design Course Director Lester Frederick shared the news of EA Sports creating a non-profit game lab to create games for students, and shared his own opinion on why educational video games are so important.
  • Check out Anatomy of a Destruction Shot,” a step-by-step look (from planning to shot development to the final composite) of a computer-generated destruction scene. It was shared by 3D Arts Director Pete Bandstra on the Computer Animation blog.
  • If you’re a writer who has always wanted to learn how to draw out your stories, you’ll enjoy this new Motion Artist software that Creative Writing Program Director Noelani Cornell shared with students.
  • Legendary director Baz Luhrmann (he directed Moulin Rouge and his next film, The Great Gatsby, opens next summer) directed a series of shorts for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which Art History Course Director Lauren Branzei cited as a great example of filmmakers and art institutions working together.
  • Advice from English department Lab Specialist Nicole Chapman: Don’t just pull a picture from a Google Image search and use it in your class presentation. She shares how to search for copyright-free Creative Commons images and how to cite other media sources in your written and visual presentations.