Exclusive Workshops Added to Behind the Scenes Tours

This summer, students who attend Full Sail’s campus tours will also get to take part in special hands-on workshops.

In July and August, Full Sail’s Behind the Scenes campus tours will be expanded to include an extra day filled with hands-on workshops and exclusive guest lectures from some of our most successful grads.

These special Behind the Scenes sessions will take place on the weekends of July 16-17 and August 13-14, with each Saturday dedicated to workshops, lectures, and general information sessions, while each Sunday will feature a behind the scenes look at the Full Sail campus.

On these weekends, students will get a taste of the Full Sail student experience by participating in workshops conducted by Full Sail faculty (see workshop details below), while their parents attend sessions focused on financial aid, the admissions and enrollment process, housing, career development, and more. After these sessions, all guests will have the opportunity to hear from some of our most accomplished alumni about their experiences in the industry. The next day, they will get an in-depth look at the Full Sail campus and Q&A time with faculty and staff during the Behind the Scenes tour.

Workshop details:

  • 90-Minute Game Jam: Build a playable game in less time than it takes to watch a movie. Using the Unity game engine – the same one used by major game studios – you’ll work with a team of Full Sail faculty members to create a game from scratch, learning about the various roles and processes that go into making your favorite games.
  • Audio Fundamentals Workshop: Get your hands on the tools and software used by professionals – and Full Sail students – to create and sequence your own unique tracks.
  • Show Time – Be Part of the Crew: A live production requires a number of specialized roles – from lighting to sound to monitors and more – and in this hands-on workshop, you’ll get the chance to try each position during a live concert.
  • Quiet on the Set – Work on a Student Film: This unique workshop will give future filmmakers the opportunity to be embedded into the production of a real Full Sail student film production. You’ll be assigned a specific role and learn what goes into that job as well as how it fits into the bigger production.
  • The Fundamentals of Animation: Learn about what goes into creating great animation by starting at the very beginning. This hands-on workshop will introduce you to fundamental concepts while you craft your very own animation.
  • Simulation & VR Workshop: Get your virtual hands dirty with an experiential workshop focused on virtual reality and augmented reality.

Space is limited for these special sessions, so reserve now.


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  1. J-Dog says:

    Wish I could of came this year

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    I’m definitely coming this year, I just hope my friend can join me

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    I love in Texas and I would love to come but financially I can’t afford to go the and I just graduated in June

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      Hey I’m in dallas tx and I’m going you could fly with me and my friends

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    Well I can’t come I live in swainsboro

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