Guest Speaker: Dan Weiland of NetherRealm Studios

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Event: Guest Speaker: Dan Weiland of NetherRealm Studios
Date: August 16, 2013 @ 1:15 pm
Location: Entertainment Business Auditorium
Address: 3300 University Blvd.
Winter Park, FL 32792

Dan Weiland, a Cinematics Animator at NetherRealm Studios, will talk to students about his career in the animation industry. Topics will include animation skills, pre-production, the animation process, and why hand key capture and motion animation are not mortal enemies. Dan will also talk about his work on the game Injustice: Gods Amongst Us, the studio’s latest project. NetherRealm is the studio behind the popular Mortal Kombat game series and is part of the Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment family. This is a GPS event. This event will be recorded for online students; livestream details will be updated on the Connect event page.