ESPN Music Director Kevin Wilson Visits Campus

When we watch sporting events and programs on television, our attention may seem as though it’s completely focused on the action that the athletes are bringing to the game. But the role that music plays in the way that we experience televised sporting coverage is not just understated – it’s also absolutely essential.

Kevin Wilson knows a thing or two about the way that music can really grab viewers and get them even more involved in the game. Having worked at ESPN for the past 17 years, Wilson has progressed through a variety of job positions in the sports network’s music department, including music assistant, music coordinator, and senior music coordinator. Today, as the Music Director, he is responsible for creating music strategies for ESPN, managing relationships with artists, publishers, and labels, and producing and working with composers for ESPN’s music and sound library.

Wilson recently visited Full Sail to share his experiences with students, and give them insight about how music is selected and becomes a part of ESPN’s programming. He spoke to students in the Entertainment Business Auditorium about the role that music plays in the world of sports broadcast, as well as the employment opportunities at ESPN for Full Sail graduates. Following his lecture, he also took questions from the audience, and even welcomed demos from hopeful musicians, producers, and composers looking to license some of their music to ESPN.


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