Envy Labs Presents a Zombie-Themed Presentation on Programming Web Applications

Zombie infestations on college campuses are usually a cause for alarm (it’s probably happened at least ONCE, right?), but that wasn’t the case this week here at Full Sail University. The school recently hosted Gregg Pollack and Eric Allam from local web application and media development company Envy Labs to present their unique spin on an Intro to Rails course entitled “Rails for Zombies.” Students were able to take part in the code training course and get the full demonstration from Pollack and Allam in a three-hour session on campus.

The course is a tutorial that teaches the basics of web application development using Ruby on Rails, which for those of you who don’t speak web is an open source web application framework for the Ruby programming language. Rather than going the traditional route of just books and screencasting, the folks at Envy Labs created a course intended to be fun and engaging to show programming beginners how easy it can be to create web applications using only a web browser. And why zombies? Well, because zombies are just fun, that’s why.

Find out more about “Rails for Zombies” at http://www.RailsForZombies.com