Entertainment Business Master’s Grad Phil Pallen on Creating Your Own Brand

Entertainment Business Master's Grad Phil Pallen on Creating Your Own Brand

When it comes to launching into the workforce, most people are too busy preparing for their career to think about their brand. That’s a mistake, says brand strategist Phil Pallen, who graduated in 2011 from Full Sail’s Entertainment Business Master’s Degree program.

“When you leave school you need to think about how you’ll satisfy a need,” says Phil, who suggests thinking about how you’ll package your skill set to fulfill a demand. “I had to learn this lesson really quickly when I moved to L.A. I applied for great jobs and but it never worked out, so I created my own job.”

These days, Phil builds brands and social media strategies primarily for television hosts and personalities, as well as public figures and politicians. “In two years of doing this I have had a client on every major U.S. network,” he says. “I am completely mobile; I work from anywhere and use independent contractors around the world — photographers, designers, copywriters, developers — to deliver what I want.”

Phil speaking on the ‘You.com: How to Create a Powerful Personal Brand’ panel at Full Sail’s Fifth Annual Hall of Fame Celebration. 

Phil’s social media campaigns have garnered press from more than 100 international media outlets and have catapulted him to expert status with invitations to speak about social media strategies at conferences across North America.

Phil advises new grads to think not about the job they want but the type of skills employers want. “Everyone has an idea of who they are, but it needs to be paired with research to know that what you have to offer satisfies a need. It’s not just about what you want, it’s about what an employer wants.”

That being said, Phil doesn’t discount the importance of passion for your job: “Passion comes easy when you love what you do.”