Degree Spotlight: Entertainment Business

Full Sail’s Entertainment Business Bachelor of Science degree program is ideal for those students wanting to pursue a business or management career in the entertainment industry, whether it be here in the States or internationally.

The 20-month program strategically mixes entertainment-driven classes with traditional business courses like finance and accounting. “One of the neatest things about being in the entertainment business is that we have sport all over the world,” says Eric Saperstein, the department’s Program Manager. “I always give the example that American Idol has 25 million viewers, but Indian Idol has 125 million. So, the entertainment world is very big.”

Courses like Global Media Management recognize that worldwide pull, and teach students how to take their projects and distribute them overseas. A newly introduced Popular Culture in Media course, which focuses on how big-time, current entertainment-related events effect the way professionals react, is just one of several new courses the program has introduced in recent months.

“In all of our classes we introduce current events all the time,” says Eric. “Even if the class isn’t new or doesn’t have a new name, it is a priority for us to introduce these events all the time.”

Besides being up-to-date on entertainment happenings, students also gain real world exposure to the industry through local events like the “Design a Guitar” contest with Dean Guitars or helping to run Soaked, a local watersports festival. Regular monthly activities include visits to Hard Rock International’s memorabilia warehouse and behind-the-scenes management-related tours of the Amway Center.

“[A career in Entertainment Business] is almost limitless,” says Eric, “because if you watch a movie or video game and look at the credits, there are literally hundred and sometimes thousands of jobs involved with creating these things; and each of our graduates is prepared to do one of those jobs.”