Editor Christopher Nelson (‘LOST,’ ‘Mad Men’) Visits Full Sail

Throw a stick into a room full of avid fans of the televised drama, and you’re going to have a pretty tough time not hitting someone who was at least mildly obsessed with ABC’s LOST. Ditto for Mad Men, AMC’s critically acclaimed, award-winning series. Both shows have been revered for helping to elevate the standard of what television as a medium has to offer, and the keen editing on both shows plays no small part in delivering the goods to viewers.

Full Sail recently welcomed Emmy® Award-winning editor Christopher Nelson to campus to speak to students about his recent experience working on both LOST and Mad Men, particularly focusing on his usage of Avid’s Media Composer software to get the job done.

During his lecture in Full Sail Live, Nelson highlighted the process that he utilizes in his workflow, and shared his experiences in working on high-profile shows and projects. He also offered up advice to students eager to collect any kind of insight about getting a foot through Hollywood’s door. He also answered questions from the audience during an open Q&A session at the end of his lecture. And no, he wouldn’t reveal anything about Mad Men‘s fifth season, either.