Download the Summer Issue of ‘The Aviator’

We love the space vibe of the Summer issue of The Aviator, Full Sail’s student literary journal, which is now available for download here. [Note: You’ll have to download Adobe Air and make sure your pop-up blockers are disabled.] This is the sixth issue of the quarterly magazine, which debuted in 2010 as a way to feature the creative work of students from all degree programs. The current issue has 35 pieces of student-created prose, poetry, and art, including the piece pictured above – “Mapping the Stars” – created by Game Design student Jake Stephens. Members of the English department selected the pieces that were included, and the Instructional Design Production’s Editing & Layout team designed the issue.

“We were so impressed by the quality and number of submissions for the summer edition,” said Nicole Chapman, a Lab Specialist in the English Department and the faculty coordinator for The Aviator. “We received more art submissions than ever before, and we featured a mix of digital art and photography in the magazine.”

The submission deadline for The Aviator‘s next (Fall) issue is Monday, October 1. For submission guidelines, visit the Writing Center’s blog. Here are some tips from Nicole on what kind of material The Aviator is looking for:

  • Prose: “The best pieces have a strong story structure with a clear beginning, middle, and end. It’s always nice to see well-developed characters, thematic elements, and interesting dialogue.”
  • Poetry: “We look for poetry that presents a unique viewpoint on a given topic. Generalities and cliché’s should be avoided.”
  • Art: “We consider art in all mediums, and we look for good technique and balanced composition.”