“Domino Alley” Pilot Premieres at Full Sail

Photo by Mary Rowden

On April 30, Film Production MFA candidate KC Mathis hosted an event at Full Sail’s Treehouse venue celebrating the premiere of her television pilot, Domino Alley. Over 30 students and grads worked on the production, and the cast and crew was out in full force celebrating nearly two years of work to bring the project to fruition.

Domino Alley tells the story of young men and women serving in the Navy. Each character experiences hardships along the way, and it’s up to them to decide whether they’ll spiral into despair or embrace positivity, creating a domino effect along the way.

“There is a big spiritual aspect to this story,” says KC, who served as writer and producer on the project. “It’s based on true events. There are a lot of things that people in the military have to deal with which contribute to a higher suicide rate. I wanted to raise awareness about some of those issues in an attempt to get that number down to zero.”

Originally intended to be a three minute short, KC reached out to Richard Ardnt, faculty advisor for Full Sail’s chapter of Campus Crusade for Christ (CRU) in order to staff the production. The response from her peers was so overwhelming that she decided to expand the short into a full pilot.

“I like stories that have a positive message,” says Zach Gavin, a recent grad of Full Sail’s Film program who served as Director of Photography. “This is a story about belief, so there’s a contrast between light and dark, heaven and hell. I tried to represent that in the lighting. Some scenes are shot in heavy shadow, while others featured a lot of light.”

Premiere attendees walked the red carpet, sipped on punch, and greeted each other warmly in acknowledgment of a job well done.

“I hope people take away a better understanding of their own weaknesses and strengths,” says KC. “Sometimes they’re one in the same. I want people to feel a sense of self worth through a combination of the spiritual and creative.”

You can view the trailer for Domino Alley below.