Digital Cinematography Students Studying Together in Germany

Digital Cinematography Students Studying Together in Germany

Full Sail’s online Digital Cinematography program has students all over the world studying digital filmmaking and production. While most of the curriculum is individually-driven, it’s always exciting when we hear about students who live near each other meeting up to share ideas and collaborate on projects. A great example of this is students KeSean Johnson and Alon Humphrey (pictured above), who are both currently living in Kaiserslautern, Germany, stationed there as part of the US Army’s Europe Band and Chorus. As part of the unit, KeSean and Alon produce and perform concerts in different European cities. KeSean handles the lighting and sound and Alon is one of the vocalists.

“We spend several days doing shows that can keep us out from early in the morning to until midnight or later,” says KeSean. “We’ll come back and complete our [Digital Cinematography] assignments during our off hours.”

One of the projects the two have worked on together was for the Project Planning and Development course, where they scouted filming locations and researched local film commission requirements.

KeSean plans to graduate in December 2014, while Alon is slated to complete the program around the same time. “Being able to share ideas with Alon about future projects has made me eager to finish the program and begin my cinematography career,” he says.



2 thoughts on “Digital Cinematography Students Studying Together in Germany

  1. Avatar Iris Beltran says:

    Amazing to have a studying partner under the circumstances of the job. All my respect for both of you guys.

    1. Avatar RanHee Park says:

      I agree with you. They are great students. Maybe, they will be good students until graduation.

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