Digital Cinematography Program Hosts MulticamP Workshop

A handful of Full Sail faculty attended a two-day MulticamP workshop earlier this week, where they learned how to run a multi-camera live web production. The workshop, held Sunday and Monday on the Digital Cinematography soundstage, was open to faculty members who had been invited by the Digital Cinematography program.

Hosted by director/editor Mitch Jacobson (who has worked with U2, Paul McCartney, and on America’s Got Talent), the multi-camera live stream workshop covered concepts like camera synchronization, live directing and switching, live stream encoding, social media integration, and more. The two days culminated with the production of an episode of Mitch’s “Cutting it Close” web series, which is live streamed on the USTREAM website. The group used a green screen to make it appear as if Mitch was broadcasting from inside of a barn.

“Mitch and I have known each other since the late ’80s, and he had asked if he could hold his workshop at Full Sail,” says Bob Truett, the Digital Cinematography Program Director. “He’s been doing live casts for a couple of years now, and he’s getting more and more in-depth. It’s good [for us] to see what’s new in equipment and techniques.”



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